Welcome to Boldstar Infrared Services Inc.

Just a Few of the Projects We Have Completed

All across Canada we have completed some very high-profile building inspections since our beginning in 1998.

Past Projects

Canada Life Building

This building is a Toronto landmark. The weather beacon high atop the building forecasts the weather for the Toronto downtown with changing colours and lights. It is also one of Toronto's oldest with beautiful stone fascades. Each year Boldstar scans the building's electrical system to ensure fires and electric system breakdowns are kept at bay.

Electrical Phase Heating

We didn't make this up, we actually found phase heating on the weather beacon disconnect switch. The current was loaded heavily on the center phase current path (red box in photo).

Corrective action was taken by the building maintenance staff and the switch's temperature was reduced to normal operating levels. The entire electrical system's switches, panels and risers at this huge three building complex are scanned yearly.