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Mechanical Thermal Services

Mechanical applications for infrared thermography are almost endless. Any thermal difference can be seen. Infrared inspections have been proven to be a very effect tool in identifying lubrication and mis-alignment problems on rotating equipment, missing or damaged refractory in kilns and ovens, and missing or damaged insulation.

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  • Heating Bearing

    Infrared image reveals a heating problem with the left bearing.

  • Operating Steam Trap

    See steam/ water temperature separation across trap.

  • Large Oil -Cooled Pump Bearing

    Infrared image shows thermal heat stresses on bearing.

  • Small Lubrication Pump

    Heating of pump drive shaft bearing, white area.

  • Heat Tracing

    locate wires embedded in concrete sidwalks, ceilings and walls

  • Pillow Block Bearings

    overheating of left bearing, wear or lubrication problems suspected.